14 December 2013

All wrapped up!

Made @ Toons on Tap

I just got a FACEBOOK page. 
To whomever is interested to go like it and get my drawings within their feed:


I'm working in a tumblr blog as well.
I'll probably share it in the next post!

12 December 2013

Candy Cane

Nomnomnom candy canes!
Another sketch brought to you by Toons on Tap Christmas Special.
The model did great with the poses :)

10 December 2013

Christmas sketches

From the Christmas special @ Toons on Tap :)

I don't think she wants a pony...

2 December 2013

24 November 2013


Doodle inspired by a sketch of the gipsy girl at Toons On Tap

21 November 2013


Miaomiao teaches little kids and toddlers a few words in chinese.
It is a series by Mark Animation. Each episode is 2 minutes long.
The first season was recently released in Kidobi's website! 
Click on the image to see :)

I helped out with some animation, some modeling, some texturing and some designs for the project. 
It was a lot of fun working on it!

20 November 2013

Miaomiao iPad app

I helped out on this iPad app, 
and it was recently published!

(click on the image to go to the website)

It is made for kids and toddlers to learn a few words in chinese.
I made animations and designs for this, 
it was a lot of fun and I learnt lots 
(including some chinese)


19 November 2013

Toons on Tap: Adventure Time!

The best-ever life drawing session in town, 
Toons On Tap (designed for animators <3 nbsp="" p="">
held an "Adventure Time" session last time I was there. 

This were LOADS of fun to doodle C:


The following are quickies: 30 second poses

The model was awesome posing as Fiona, 
amazing poses!
the copyrights belong to Cartoon Network 
and Adventure Time (NOT ME!) 
and I am really thankful to the Toons On Tap superteam 
Laurie, Jeremy, and Jeffrey 
for having this theme :3

PS. I'm testing a label to watermark my artwork...
I think this is not a winner just yet :P
I'll be more playful with the next test!

28 September 2013


I took a pink and a white bottles of acrylic paint and rushed to the cashier.
The store was about to close.
The pink one was labeled "Tutti-Frutti" (om-nom-noms, right?)
I used to avoid this colour as much as I could, but it looks very inviting now.

I made a painting with them on a little canvas. 
I used a photo I found online, just to practice.
I'll post it later, with its reference.

I also used the pink paint for the last Toons on Tap session.
Here's the outcome of that session with the tutti-frutti acrylic.
The theme was 007. These are between 2 and 10 minute long poses.

The pink panther theme started playing on the background while I drew this one.

I really need a lot more practice!
Looking for interesting things to do and learn from,
Richard suggested I tried painting silhouettes and volumes a while ago.
Just the paint and a brush.
I hadn't done it for some time, so I tried it again.
(In the end I couldn't help but throw in some black lines, though)
Thanks to Richard for the tip!

And if you ever wanna try it, you should! It's fun :)

5 September 2013

23 June 2013

Toons on Tap: Paris Romance

Toons on Tap:
-Is an event that runs every couple tuesdays where you can life draw models in different costumes, and have a couple drinks while you do so because it happens at the karaoke room of a bar. Every session there's a different theme, and based on it, the costumes and music for the event are chosen. I've been going for some weeks now and always enjoy it a lot. It's super inspiring!! and I would recommend anyone who likes to draw to join!! :3

Here are some of the drawings that I did on the last session. I like how this ones turned out, so I thought I'd share them :)

The theme last session was "Paris Romance". The models were Bianca Boom Boom and El Toro and they did great dynamic and emotive poses.

Hope you like them,

23 January 2013


I started experimenting with shadow drawings by suggestion of a dear friend.
Thanks for all the inspiration Richard!

I may go do some real life-drawing this week,
 but in the meantime I used this lovely website here: 

Cheerios :9 nomnomnom