24 September 2011

The Teeth Club

Did you know that snails have 14175 teeth laid along 135 rows on their tongue?
(Missed the tongue part, I know.)

23 September 2011

Feliz Cumple Edna!

Y feliz cumpleaños a Edna! :)
Que se la quiere, estima, extraña y verá muy pronto,
Saludos y Abrazos y que se la pase genial hoy en su día xD

And now I added a new section,
seeing as I've made already some
greeting-card type of drawings.
You'll be able to find them from tomorrow, under the section named...


Sounds good? Any better label ideas?
Post them on the comment section!
:) Cheers!

16 September 2011

Why yes, yes I am

And that gives me the universal right to drink,
(yes, I can also drink in Mars if I please!)
but I'm still not feeling like using that new plus or "superpower"...
...but hey! freedom is freedom! And it is always welcomed :)

But why are my neighbors so noisy at this time of the night?!
Who knows!!

Today I was finally able to use my scanner again.
And I need a new one. This one sucks sometimes.
So anyway, this is fresh from the oven...
Candle stabbed cakes.

Thanks to all the people who remembered, lots of love :)