27 August 2011

Freckles and Bubbles

This is the drawing I was talking about in THIS POST
Gotta thank Dhruv for the feedback :)
Finished, at least! Not perfect, and I know it,
but I've worked on this for quite a while now,
(Way longer than I normally tend to...)
...so screw it. I'm tired of it.
Done and period.
On to the next one!

22 August 2011


Wanted to do a fast painting...
It ended up being not as fast as I wanted,
but here!
Something got done.
Looks like chalk or pastel now that i see it...
but it's Photoshop :)

18 August 2011

17 August 2011

A Fishy Story

6 months worth of work, some more to planify, and still full of mistakes,
but not extremely awful for an average 3D first-timer :)
(please don't be too hard on me! Dx)

16 August 2011


She seems angry for some reason...
Maybe they didn't have her size of the dress she liked in the store... or shoes...
I don't know, she seems like the kind of girl that worries for shopping stuff too much!

Small color test for a bigger version coming soon :)

15 August 2011


I'm playing with colors.

She's a ghost who inhabits an attic
of some old house,
from somewhere cold,
and everyone around her is afraid of that room,
above their ceiling,
because of her.

I imagine creepy ghosts may feel kinda lonely...

14 August 2011

Late for the party

Hey! Sorry for being absent for so long!
I was busy with the grad, some visits,
creating a portfolio, and going to Siggraph.
But matters most that I'm back :)
I may not post traditional stuff for a while though,
because I don't know where my scanner is... 6_6

So now you can check my website HERE :D yey!

I really enjoyed the Animation Festival during Siggraph.
I think it was fantastic.
I got to see some kick-ass, inspiring and beautifully made shorts.
  • Pixar's "La Luna".
  • "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore", which I was really looking forward to see! (Website)
  • Platige Image's "Paths of Hate", which was astonishing, in my opinion (Website)
And of the drawing, I did it in Photoshop with the help of this little Website.
Quite helpful for those who didn't know it. My first time trying out the swatches...
Anyway, I think she's running late for a very important party...
Feel like following?