28 March 2011

Sarah and Lemon

She said they had a great night full of fun...
I just imagined this.

26 March 2011


I miss life drawing...
this was doodled in class...
Based on someone's pose.

Of course, that someone was dressed.
I just really miss life drawing :(

24 March 2011

It's gone

Did this to explore emotions for a slight and more
dynamic twist in my story for the final film.

22 March 2011

Indoor Fishing

The family was gonna go do the same down to the lake...
But things ended up like this because it was rainy outside.

16 March 2011

Blah blah blah

She answers the cosmetic company's phone calls all day long...
Here she decided to try the products while doing her job.

10 March 2011

Girl With Baby Octopuses

I'm not quite happy with that hand...
but it's my fault for not doing any lifedrawing lately...

7 March 2011

Zombie Parade

Dedicated to my friend Marcos cuz today it's his birthday :)
She's participating in a zombie parade...