28 February 2011


Her name came out by typing randomly
in the keyboard while saving the file...
I thought it sounded quite good for a randomized typing.
so I kept it as "Eta"

26 February 2011

Bear with us

The grand-kids were sent to summer camp...

They wrote gramps a letter and together with it,
they included this picture of them with a baby bear.
They took it before they realized
mommy bear was comming.
They are all ok!
Don't ask me how they survived...
I didn't get the letter.

22 February 2011

16 February 2011

12 February 2011


A friend needed a creepy clown...
I drew some.
This is one of them.

10 February 2011

Boom to come

I did this in 2009, for a contest.
It did not win, but I like that drawing.

And today is Miki's birthday, so...

8 February 2011

Train Innards

I storyboarded and did some concept art a while ago for a story of a kid going into a train that changed shape... and a lotta stuff happened inside the train...
All in 2 minutes, with good animation and dynamic movements, and at the rythm of an electronic song.
I never did it because it had too many characters, but I intend to develop the idea deeper later.

6 February 2011

Eagle and Octopus

A little about freedom:
here's a flying eagle.
A little about likes:
an octopus it fights.