26 January 2011

The Upsidedown Reality (1/4)

My friend Shivas told me about this project and asked me if I'd like to get in.
I said yes and we both came up with an idea. He wrote a script and based on it,
I drew this. He did the final editing. It's 4 pages long and this is the first one.
It was all a lot of fun and we got to put a little of ourselves into the characters.
We're still unsure about future chapters, so enjoy this one meanwhile ;)

20 January 2011

Circus Performer 2

Here she is, acting in stage
high up above the ground
fearless, delicate,
moving smoothly through the long cloth lines...

18 January 2011

Circus Performer

I felt like drawing eccentric dresses
some fun designs came out
and one evolved to this
which is no longer a dress,
but still pretty.

If she ever get's to move
she'll be fun to watch in action...

16 January 2011

Girl in dress

Inspired both in a character from a movie
and a story I used to read when I was little
about a girl who didn't like sweets
but enjoyed listening to older people's conversations
and talking about them with other adults
feeling she's older too.
She was as nosy as she could be
and very annoying to other kids
but she became nice too...
Once she went back to be how she should!

12 January 2011

Sarah's Butterfly

This is the body of Sarah's butterfly.
The wings will be placed there later,
but for now just the body is necessary.

10 January 2011


I'm back into posting doodles,
expect new stuff this comming days!
Happy new year I wish
for this one to be whatever you need
Here I'm just getting used to writting 11 instead of 10
The wold is aging...
hope it had a nice birthday :)