24 December 2010

A Ballerina

She likes to dance and act,
and here, she's acting like a drama queen.
But if you met her out of stage, you'd like her.
She's a lovely chubby lady.

PS. Feliz navidad folks!! ;)

16 December 2010

Lava Man

He's like a lava titan... All evil and doom...
inside a cheezy gothic-intended frame...
Trying to put his best face for the photo...
It'd be a funny thing to have actually happenning...

14 December 2010

Dead Indeed

He's like an Igor-like vampiresque crazy scientist lab helper.

I did this last year.
It was just my hands doodling around
with the ink pen and some watercolors...

Merry-Happy Halloweenzmas, I guess! :)

12 December 2010

An Alarmed Duo

Oh yes, they are, and very.
Through their minds
there's a: -"Holly cow!"-

This is a color trial for a scene.
Red hue for the comming danger.

10 December 2010

The Gunis

This character lives in a little planet
somewhere out there in space.
He's a funny thing to watch,
and his planet has lots of sweet little bugs
and probably other kind of animals as well.
He was the base for Twitchy,
another character I did for Sarah.
But this one intended to be for flash.
There are also some other creatures
floating around the design.
They were movements, I think.
Planned movements I wanted Guni to have.

8 December 2010

Squishy The Caterpillar

I did this design for Sarah.
And she modeled it in 3D.
I'm so excited! xD

6 December 2010


I think she's thinking that. A sarcastic "Yeah, sure."
I did this today, enjoy for the first time ever something fresh from the oven!

And she... She's probably...
the crazy teenager sister of some poor playful kid.
For her, playful means annoying.
Or the babysitter.

Or not. Maybe she's not that...
And her sarcastic "yeah" is actually for an annoying guy her age.
Who knows.
Maybe you.
Maybe you know :)

4 December 2010

She's got tentacles

I'll start posting some drawings I've done with ballpoint pen.

-The incident where she got tentacles-

It was "bring your pet to work" day in the genetics lab where she works, and someone happened to have an octopus as a pet. The octopus, without anyone noticing, contaminated a glass with water. That glass contained the water they were gonna use for a genetic experiment, in an experimental genetic machine. When they began the experiment, she fell inside the machine, accidentally, trying to save her chocolate milk from falling down, and got changed into this...
There she is, sad, depressed, and down, being told things can't be fixed. Her arms and legs won't ever change, and she's starting to think she'll loose her dream job. Not to mention the world, which may have issues accepting differences, like civilization usually has. She felt lost.

But she doesn't have that long face anymore. She smiles every day, now even more than she did before, because now everybody at work admires her. She's an amazing multi-task employee that gets 4 times more work done than anyone else in the whole place! And she gets paid for it ;)